Retarus Cloud Fax Services


Faxing is an integral part of many business processes. As a tested and standardized technology, faxing is easy to use and can be integrated in almost any system landscape. Faxing is secure and immune to viruses. Faxes can be traced from the time they are sent to the time they are received and are legally binding. And faxing is digital.

Consolidate, digitize, automate—with Retarus Cloud Fax Services, your faxes always reach their destination. In this way we help you digitize analog business processes simply and optimize sustainable workflows.

Advantages of Retarus Cloud Fax Services

  • Send and receive faxes with applications or at your desktop• Completely replaces existing fax server—Opex instead of Capex
  • No hardware and software installation needed, no maintenance
  • Easy-to-integrate APIs—REST, SOAP, FTP, SMTP
  • High availability, reliable transmission, transaction security
  • Nearly unlimited capacity for sending and receiving
  • Dynamic multi-carrier management
  • Up to 100% delivery success thanks to never busy technology
  • Worldwide telephone number service
  • Real-time monitoring of incoming and outgoing faxes
  • Comprehensive reports, statistics, and analyses
  • Transparent billing based on pay per use
  • Auditable data centers
  • Multi-level SLAs available
  • Adherence to international compliance requirements
  • Local data processing on request
  • Professional support from setup to operation

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