Matterport Pro3 (Coming Soon)

A 3D camera that understands urgency.
Matterport’s fastest LiDAR camera to date, Pro3 is all you need to document, collaborate, and understand spaces quickly. And with aMatterport subscription, you can share accurate models with all stakeholders in real time.

Creating 3D digital twins of any space just got easier—and faster. With the all-new Pro3 LiDAR camera from Matterport, you can now capture both indoor and outdoor spaces as accurate 3D models. And with a Matterport subscription, you can share your digital twins online to improve workflows, collaboration, and productivity.

How Matterport Pro3 is Better?
Pro3 The latest in Matterport’s Pro Series LiDAR cameras, Pro3 scans four times faster* than its predecessor, allowing you to accelerate project completion and reduce time on-site. And with all-new outdoor scanning capabilities, Pro3 delivers high-accuracy digital twins of every kind of space that you can share online using a Matterport subscription to further enhance your marketing materials.

Matterport Pro3 Will be available soon, stay tuned!
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