GigaSpaces Cloud

GigaSpaces InsightEdge Platform is the fastest big data analytics processing platform to run services and machine learning models in production at scale for real-time decision making on streaming, transactional and historical data. The in-memory software platform helps enterprises seamlessly introduce new applications that need to ingest, process and analyze huge amounts of data, enriched with historical context, at extreme speeds, across any environment and it’s now available as a service on the cloud.

Enterprises can benefit from moving their data pipelines, data warehousing and analytics to the cloud. The scalability, cost-efficiency and serverless nature of the cloud are a good answer to the increase in data volume, variety of data sources and speed of change.

GigaSpaces InsightEdge Platform is now available as a service on the Google Cloud Platform. GigaSpaces Cloud enables users to easily access InsightEdge Platform by creating an account on-the-fly, in a managed cloud environment. It also allows users to leverage business logic, hot and warm and cold tiering, data lake indexing and BI acceleration.

  • Free deployment of the InsightEdge Platform, on Google Cloud, AWS or Azure allowing users to check out new product capabilities and run various scenarios. 
  • Easily connect to sample client applications, models and BI dashboards.
  • Leverage standard interfaces such as REST API, JDBC, and Spark for implementation of various services, web applications and more.
  • Out-of-the-box security, elasticity, and auto-provisioning.
  • Highly available, including anti-affinity and auto recovery.
  • Real-time services monitoring and Spaces data discovery.
  • Run advanced analytics and ML capabilities, such as BI and visualization, for multiple use-cases such as predictive maintenance, live risk analysis, fraud detection, location based advertising, dynamic pricing and more.
  • Real-time 360 view of all data across any data source.
  • Seamlessly connect and query from all structured, semi-structured and unstructured data stores for accelerated holistic business decisions.
  • Manage your data lifecycle, including data movement between tiers.
  • Handle services orchestration and executes ML models though visualization using BI tools.
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