When the pandemic forced millions of businesses to revaluate their work environments, IT teams quickly pivoted to accommodate the now huge number of employees working from home. Because so few companies were supporting a remote workforce at the time, there was no infrastructure in place to ensure IT security, and data protection, as well as to support and secure the multitude of new endpoints. Security quickly became an issue as pandemic-themed phishing and ransomware attacks exploited the wealth of new vulnerabilities. This brings up a new challenge as IT now must protect both in-house and remote work environments and allow employees to move fluidly between them. This requires IT teams to create two robust security strategies and ensure they play well together.

In conjunction with that, we are pleased to invite you to join us in our booth (No.: G10) at Cloud Expo Asia 2022 for exploring and understanding new IT security technologies and ways to combat evolving security threats that are taking place in both in-house infrastructure and remote workplaces. We have advanced IT security solutions from Kaspersky and Arista that is able to bring significant impact in securing your IT infrastructure environment. Other than that, Arcserve showcases the best-in-class solutions in terms of data protection and business continuity.

There are many more new technologies and learning possibilities for you to dig into when you join us in our booth (No.: G10)! See you at Cloud Expo Asia 2022!

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