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Smart cities are a melting pot of technologies ranging from IoT implementations such as smart lampposts, to seamless municipal services that offer an exceptional experience. Cities are also turning to AI to figure out better ways to manage transportation networks better, clear trash more efficiently, and even help first respondents reach disasters such as road accidents and fires in less time.

All these processing systems must be hosted somewhere and interconnected with reliable networks that stay up. After all, a smart city at its core is a city that leverages information and technologies to enhance residents’ quality of life and the performance of municipal services.

Below is a glimpse of two more facades of the Smart City of the Future that we are planning to showcase at GovWare this year.

Data Centre of the Future

The data centre of the future will be a fully software-defined facility that can host mission-critical systems with unparalleled reliability. Indeed, as latency-sensitive applications such as autonomous vehicles and 5G mobile network are deployed in cities around the world, cities will require smaller data centres that exist closer to end-users.

Compute depends on these micro or edge locations will be no less heavy though, given the density of IoT deployments. Moreover, 5G will also support high device densities of a million devices per square kilometre. This calls for powerful hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) hardware with dense compute and storage.

Explore what you can do with HCI systems from Sangfor:

  • Simplified deployments in minutes instead of hours or days
  • Consolidate traditional IP appliances, server and storage into one tier
  • Easy deployment of demanding VDI applications
  • Highly scalable

Assured Digital Services

The Smart City of the Future cannot function properly without the vital network connectivity between the various digital services. From high-definition video conferencing to backend servers for supporting IoT, the network is an inescapable linchpin of modern IT deployments. With more services relying on the network, the stakes are higher than ever.

Assured digital services must hence be engineered into the heart of our Smart City of the Future. Traditional methods of ensuring reliability revolve around the use of redundant network links paired with specialised load balancing hardware. They tend to be inflexible and complex, however, and large deployments can be challenging to manage. Fortunately, software-defined technologies such as SD-WAN can deliver network reliability across a myriad of nodes with single-pane-of-glass manageability.

Witness how you can deliver enhanced network reliability with Versa Networks:

  • Maintain silky smooth international video calls
  • Rock-solid IP video (CCTV) streaming
  • FTP download continues uninterrupted
To see and experience the above concepts in person, look for us at our booth at GovWare 2019. 

Visit us at GovWare 2019

Date: 1 – 3 October 2019 (1 October is a closed-door event for visitors from Government institutes)
Venue: Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre
ACA Pacific Booth Location: N06

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