SketchUp Viewer


Pesent, communicate, and experience your design with SketchUp Viewer

Experience your designs by bringing your 3D models to life in mixed reality, and step into a powerful new way to explore, understand, and share your work.

  • Experience - Physical models cost time and money. Mixed reality models in SketchUp Viewer can be infinitely reconstructed and rescaled to suit your needs. Whoever heard of a 1:1 scale model? With SketchUp Viewer, you can immerse yourself in a project at its true scale for the best possible experience of what your design will really feel like.
  • Collaborate - Grab your team and launch a co-located or distributed 'We-see' viewing session. Communicate via chat and audio, and use virtual 'sight-guides' to understand who is looking at what. Use SketchUp Viewer to experience, understand, or resolve complex spatial dynamics.
  • Coordinate - Easily fly around your project models by choosing from the list of scenes that you've created in SketchUp, then focus the conversation by toggling on-and-off model layers. SketchUp Viewer also includes features like the Tape Measure and Entity Info tools, so important information is (virtually) at your fingertips.
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