N2 FFF 3D Printer

  • Huge Build Volume
    12in*12in*12in (305mm*305mm*305mm), 5 times of Makerbot Replicator and almost 4 times of Makerbot Replicator 5th Gen!
  • Compatible with Most Filaments Available
    With our innovative patent-pending all-metal hotend, N2 can print most filaments you can find! The list includes but not limits to PLA, ABS, PC, PETG, HIPS, NinjiaFlex
  • 7'' Full Color Touchscreen
    FIRST EVER! Monitor the print process and control the printer on a simple touch from your finger tip. You can access the touchscreen through WIFI, LAN, USB and SD card.
  • Dual-Extruder(optional)
    With dual-extruder, you can print with 2 different filaments at the same time. You can make prints with 2 colors or use one filament as the support material to make more complicated models.
  • Great Print Quality and Accuracy
    Up to 10 micron Z resolution and 12.5 micron X/Y step size to achieve the best print quality and accuracy.
  • Print Resuming
    No more frustrating print interruption (power outage, etc). You can resume an interrupted print like it never happen!
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