3skeng Mount Tool

The "Mount Tool" works with libraries that include real life channel profiles, proper fittings, supports and more. 

The "Mount tool" enables you to design secondary/support steelwork the same easy and intuitive way you are used to from 3skeng tools.

The "Mount Tool" recognizes "3skeng Pipe" elements and assists by a) proper pre-selection from the available variety of pipe and duct clips and b) auto-alignment of rotation, position and elevation simply by double-click.

The "Mount Tool" also recognizes "3skeng Steelwork" elements to correctly attach supports to the top of steel beam flanges and beam clamps to the side of steel beam flanges.
The "Mount Tool" and its libraries give you access to roller bearings, pipe-clips, -clamps, -straps and -shoes is therefore a powerful companion for both the "Pipe Tool" and "Steelwork Tool". Being able to consider pipe and duct supports closes a major design gap and finally allows your designs to actually become reality.

Edit and Rotate
This tool helps you to modify the model in all feasible degrees of freedom. The speed of the tool allows you show changes and suggestions live in meetings - without anyone losing interest!
The tool is intuitive in a way that nearly follows your ideas by itself. Use magnetic points for reference or the input of numeric values in the familiar SketchUp way.

With this tool you can rearrange or copy already generated Pipeline elements. Magnetic points will help you to connect the elements exactly aligned to the pipe center and direction.
"Multicopy": All selected elements stay glued to the mouse until you press “Escape”.

This tool enables you to add text labels to groups and components. Various adjustable parameters allow individual adaptations to the particular label task at hand. During the automated alignment you determine the position and distance of the labels. Future changes can be made in no time at all.

The List Tool received a major redevelopment and ended up being a powerful stand-alone tool that bridges the gap between the two worlds of SketchUp and Excel and brings them together as one.
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