civil site design

Originally built for Civil 3D and now expanded to operate on AutoCAD and BricsCAD, Civil Site Design provides you with highly efficient and simple-to-use civil design tools for road and corridor based projects, land development and site grading, stormwater, sewer and pipe design.


Civil Site Design (CSD) has been developed to provide road design and outputs directly inside AutoCAD, Civil 3D and BricsCAD.

Our philosophy of combining template and string based design, as well as automating common design elements such as intersections and roundabouts, provides a familiar and complete set of tools for rapid creation and output of your road subdivision, reconstruction, rural, highway and other design projects.

road design
pipe design


Civil Site Design Pipes includes all the tools you need to quickly create your pipe networks and avoid crossing services and other pipe networks.

Working inside the drawing environment, you can create and design Stormwater Drainage Networks, Sewer Networks and undertake general pipe design. Service obstruction checks are included in the design process for you to quickly optimise your designs and avoid conflicts between underground services.


Built for rapid design of features such as building pads and detention basins, the dynamic grading tools automatically clean up internal overlapping corners and include radial and mitre options on external corners.

With the Site Grading tools you can take a polyline, apply a cross section template (assembly) to create a graded surface complete with corner cleanup. The surface and grading linework automatically updates as you edit your grading, so you get immediate feedback on the impact of your design changes, as you make them.

pipe design
pipe design


Surface creation is quick and easy with support for multiple data inputs, intuitive display controls and outputs dynamically represented directly inside the drawing, ready for plotting and publishing.

The Surface model inputs support external point data and Land XML files as well as reading 3D data directly from the drawing. Surface display controls are immediately accessible to you, allowing for fast and dynamic adjustments to contour intervals, colors, layers, contour labeling and surface analysis.


It’s simple and easy in Civil Site Design – draw a polyline and click to turn it into an alignment object. Labeling is fully automatic and user customisable as is the line, arc and spiral display.

Alignments can be easily edited during the creation process or via the alignment editing tools – users just click to edit an IP and get access to tools to change the spiral lengths, curve radius and IP position. Add IP’s, delete and move IP’s within the one editing environment.

pipe design
pipe design


Civil Site Design includes an optional HEC-RAS menu which provides users with the ability to transfer section data to HEC-RAS for river analysis, including assignment of Mannings coefficients, defining overbank areas, skewed sections, houses and ineffective areas.

Waterline results from HEC-RAS can be exported back to Civil Site Design for presentation in the drawing and construction of a water surface.