Sky for Google Cloud

Protect on-prem workloads as well as workloads running in Google Compute Engine (GCE) and replicate to another Google Cloud region for on-demand disaster recovery, long term data retention, and on-demand database cloning.

Recover Multi-Terabyte Data in Minutes (SAP HANA, MS SQL, and more)

●Actifio Sky running in Google Compute Engine (GCE) uses persistent disk to store backup data. It incorporates powerful data virtualization technology to instantly mount backup data to on-demand GCE instances and delivers low Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

Satisfy Long Term Data Retention Needs
●Actifio Sky incorporates the unique ability to deliver instant access to data stored in Google Nearline Object Storage irrespective of whether the data is days or decades old. 

Secure Data with Encryption and Satisfy Compliance Needs
●All data is encrypted using AES256 when replicated to remote Actifio Sky instances in GCE. GCE encrypts data before writing to persistent disks. You have the option to specify encryption keys. Actifio also provides role based access control and an audit trail for added security.

Clone Multi-Terabyte Databases in Minutes for DevOps
 ●Information that is protected by Actifio Sky in persistent disk for backups can also be leveraged to provision multiple virtual database clones for Dev, QA, UAT,Other backup products typically take hours or days to create physical clones with 10x or more storage required in test environments.

Reduce Backup Window
 ●Actifio performs incremental forever backups for everything i.e. SAP HANA, MS SQL, PostgreSQL & other databases, VMs, physical servers and NAS filers. This process reduces the backup window by up to 10x and significantly decreases the storage IO and network IO of production applications.
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