Quantifier Pro


Quantifier Pro is the ultimate tool for getting instant quantity and cost information from your SketchUp model.

  • Simply select the objects in your model and instantly see the total length, area, volume, weight, and cost
  • All reports are model-driven and automatically update when the model changes.
  • Fully Customizable Component Reports that can show length, width, height, projected area, surface area, volume, weight, cost, and more
  • Detailed Cost Reports
  • Instant Material report showing the surface area of all materials in your model
  • Assign re-usable cost rules by layer, material, object, or to the entire model
  • Cost Inspector Tool shows complete cost calculation for the selected object to verify accuracy
  • Use Microsoft Excel (Windows only) to share unified cost data across multiple SketchUp models
  • Supports multiple languages and international currency
  • Full control of units and precision displayed in reports
  • Use with Profile Builder 3 for even more power!
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