Digital Business Automation (DBA)

Scale without adding cost

Business process automation

Shift left with design at development time (DevOps)

Reduce risk, by doing things the same way every time

Automated fulfillment of services

• Control-M Enterprise

• Batch Impact Manager
   - Automatically detect delays and errors in workflows, and extrapolate those errors to see a system-wide impact

• Control-M Self Service
   - Submit and monitor jobs through an easily understandable interface (incl. mobile)

• Control-M for Hadoop
   - Develop, schedule, manage, monitor, and integrate Hadoop workflows within a single, centralized system.

• Control-M Automation API
   - Build, test run and iterate jobs as code with automation API to accelerate application delivery across platforms and hybrid infrastructures

• Control-M for Databases

• Workload Change Manager
   - Build workflows that automatically adhere to enterprise-wide standards

• Managed File Transfer (MFT)
   - Build, schedule, and manage file transfers within in a single system via an ecosystemwide dashboard view

• Control-M on the Cloud (run on any hybrid environment and native on AWS and
Microsoft Azure in minutes)
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