Platform Architecture


VDP virtualizes copy data, allowing IT administrators to support many data protection and availability use cases through a single storage platform, all from only one golden copy of your production data. Efficiently captured data is stored for quick access while also deduplicated and compressed for backup or long-term retention. Efficiently managed through workflows, VDP allows IT administrators to access a single, any point-in-time copy of your primary data, through Mount, Clone, LiveClone™, or Restore operation, whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Actifio’s offerings are built on the same underlying platform architecture, the patented Virtual Data Pipeline (VDP).   Built on a globally distributed object file system, VDP core functions include:

  • Capturing & virtualizing data at block level, in native application format
  • Managing lifestyle by SLA
  • Enabling use of data via instant mount, clone, liveclone or restore 
  • Deduplication of data
  • Compression of Data
  • Replication of data
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