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CREO 9 Packed with performance and usability improvements. To help you deliver the best designs in the shortest time. There are also new tools for manipulating, editing and viewing CAD models, and Creo 9 continues to improve tools for ergonomic design, data entry (MBD), model making. simulations, AI design and CAM tools. DOWNLOAD NOW DOWNLOAD BROCHURE


Competition Terms

  • General public participants
  • Free Registration
  • Designs made with PTC Creo software and your own work
  • The design is made with the theme of a car that can be driven by children (The assessment will be more on the exterior of the car, especially the surface of the car body)
  • Assessment is the final decision of the judges
  • The favorite winner will be chosen from the most likes that will be voted on on social media
  • Participants' designs can be used by PT. ACA Pacific for the marketing department
  • Competition conditions are subject to change without notice as needed
  • Deadline of design submission is November,14 2021


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