Free Training Sketchup and V-ray in ACA Pacific followed by Hutama Karya !

Sketchup & V-ray - ACA Pacific hold training Sketchup and V-ray that attended participants from Hutama Karya. The event is held on date 29 and 30 August 2019 from 9:00 until 16.00 at the training center PT. ACA Pacific. The activity was filled by Kiki Richardus Susilobroto as ACEC Pacific AEC Technical Manager at the session Sketchup and Hartanto Gautama Utama as Aca Pacific Reginal Technical Lead Manager in the V -ray session.

Sketchup one of the CAD software design is the best time of it , with features superior as Interoperability , Extensibility , Components , and others as well as V-ray one of the application device software imaging rendering the best time of this , with features interactive rendering, CPU, GPU and Hybrid Rendering, V-ray Denoiser and others .

In this digital era, it is very necessary to develop skills in their fields in digital. Hence the ACA Pacific into a container in p Training is the aim that participants can more easily use the tools on the Sketchup and V- ray, besides the activity, is also aimed at educating the participants will be benefits that can in getting by using the Sketchup and V ray , which is expected to use them this participant can prefer the workings of Sketchup and V-ray. For further information please contact:

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