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SketchUp Viewer

Work anywhere

Work on the go
Work doesn’t happen exclusively at the office anymore. Sign off on changes, collaborate with remote colleagues, and get work done in today’s world.

Get to know your projects
You’ve drawn the building. But have you seen it from every angle? Step inside your creation with AR/VR Viewer apps and solve problems before you ever break ground.

Present your projects
Visual projects deserve visual explanations. Show your stakeholders your ideas, and the challenges, and get feedback on desktop, mobile, or in mixed reality.

Orbit anywhere


Get work done on the go. You can open .SKP files from anywhere — wherever you are. Present conversational details of your models when you show scenes, layers and views — right on your mobile device.

Work in mixed reality


SketchUp Viewer empowers you to design better buildings — wherever the work is happening. See the design in the space it would be built, and get buy-in from clients before you even permit the drawings.

Plan proficiently with virtual reality


Immerse yourself in the project. Experience your design, so you can understand the project better — its challenges and successes.

SketchUp Viewer for Desktop


You’ve done all the work in SketchUp, but the stakeholders just need to view the model. Use the SketchUp Viewer for Desktop to share your work with others — whether they have access to SketchUp or not.

Experience your designs


Step into 3D with the SketchUp Viewer - and see the project in its environment. The Viewer app for AR enables you and your client to experience your project just the way you would after construction.